How to Set Up a Nintendo Switch Online Family Group?

Nintendo provides several subscription packages for individuals and family groups. If the entire family is fond of Nintendo gaming and using individual memberships, it is recommended to create a Nintendo account family group. In this way, you can save the additional cost of an individual membership plan. You can easily switch to a family group account using the online process.

Here are the steps to follow if you want to set up a Nintendo Switch Online Family Group:

Creating Nintendo Accounts for Every Member of the Family

The procedure to create a Nintendo Switch Family account needs a particular account of every individual of the family. So, make sure that everyone has a separate Nintendo account to merge into a family account. If not created, set up it first to bring every member’s account under a group subscription plan, and that’s the point of creating a Family group.

Sending Invitation to Join Family Groups

Before going through any procedure, it is advised to ensure that you know each person’s email ID to add to the group account. Now, pursue these steps to know how to send invites to every family member to join the group:

  • First of all, use the link “” and then log in to your account if you haven’t already.
  • Then, press the Family Group option from the provided list. It is located just below the profile avatar.
  • Hit the button Add Member.
  • Press the “Invite Someone to the Family Group” option.
  • Type the email ID of each member you like to add to your family group account.
  • Tap on Submit.
  • Follow the same procedure for each individual to add to the Family Group.
  • After some time, you will see a notification that the person has been successfully added to the Nintendo group account once they accept your invitation; otherwise, you will see the failed invitation message.

Accepting Invitation to the Family Group

Once the invitation is successfully sent to you, you will get the invitation mail from Nintendo after a while.

You have to ensure to check your Social tab from your Gmail.

Here is how to accept an invitation to the Family Group:

  • Click on the URL sent to your email or copy the same. Then paste the respective link into the web browser’s address bar.
  • Then, hit the option “Join Family Group.”
  • Press the OK button there.
  • After some time, you will get the confirmation mail on your email ID that will say “now you are a part of the Nintendo family group account.”

Note: Here, you don’t need to pay twenty Dollars/member. An annual subscription fee of $40 will be charged for the family, and you can include eight family members in the Family Subscription Plan. In this way, you will save some extra money.

Making Family Group Administrator to Someone Else

You can easily make your group admin to someone else who deserves this post. Here’s how:

  • Visit the site and login to the account if you haven’t already.
  • Now, go to the list of options and press the Family Group option there. This option is located just below the profile avatar.
  • Hit the option Manage Family Group.
  • Tap on “Change Family Group Admin.”
  • Hit the Submit button there to authenticate your email ID.
  • Type the verification key you got via email from Nintendo. In case you are using Gmail, then check your social tab.
  • Hit the Submit button there.
  • Press the “Select this person” tab located just after the name of the particular individual you like to make your family group’s admin.
  • Tap the option Confirm Change to verify that you like to make the person your group admin.
  • Now, the group admin will get a notification message via mail to accept this change. Now, the former group admin won’t longer get the admin advantages.

Removing Family Group Member

The group’s admin has all the privileges to add or remove a particular person to and from the account. If you are a group admin and want to remove a member from your Nintendo group account, then follow these steps:

  • Get started by visiting and login if you haven’t already.
  • Hit the Family Group option from the listing.
  • Then, press the Manage Family Group option.
  • Tap on Remove a Family Group Member.
  • After that, press the “Select this person” option located just after the name of the member you like to remove from your respective group.
  • Hit the Confirm tab to verify that you want to delete someone from the group.

Nintendo provides several subscription plans to its users. You can easily opt for individual or family group subscription plans. If your family members use Nintendo accounts individually, you can create a family account to combine all the accounts into a single one. It will cut your individual cost and help to save money at the nominal subscription fee of $40/annually.

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